Friday, March 2, 2012

Fafi's Gorgeous Graffiti Girls!

Fafi was born and raised in Toulouse France - the home of another "graffiti girl", Miss Van. She has been on the art scene since 1994 when she first witnessed the graffiti street art on her hometown walls. Fafi's style is quite unique. Fafi tends to depict women in various forms. She identifies a particular stereotype and will render it to create a "Fafi Girl". She paints exaggerated stereotypes of women in a cute and "Fafi" way. Europe, USA, Japan, Hong-Kong, all got "Fafi'ed". Her work would appear around the world in galleries and advertisements. The world was truly her canvas!

Sony became infatuated with the cute and iconic figures Fafi would create and hired her to design a six-character toy set for their Time Capsule videogame set. This only furthered her career as she made the transition from two dimensional to three dimensional work. Other companies followed suit and she procured contracts from Collette, Coca-Cola, M.A.C cosmetics, Adidas and other companies for her figurines.

Fafi got a lot of press coverage as well during this time. She was featured in many prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle, XLR8R, and Yen. She then published a few books, Girls Rock (2003) and Love and Fafiness (2006).

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