Friday, October 28, 2011

The Ever Increasing Problem of Graffiti

You see them everywhere, subways, tube tunnels, public buildings walls and even art exhibitions. Yes, it is graffiti!

Colors used by artists are generally permanent and requires nothing less than pressure cleaning. Graffiti removal is one of major worries of civil society today. Graffiti causes widespread public/private wealth damage.

The biggest problem with graffiti vandalism is that most don't consider it to be a 'real crime'. This is a natural assumption, because in most cases, graffiti is perfectly ignorable. Motives behind offensive graffiti

Gang graffiti - As the name suggests, they are made by members of local gang. Usually it comprises of names/nicknames of members, curses for rivals and symbols or alphabets. Motive of this graffiti could be display of power, publicity, glorifying the dead etc.

Ideological - This kind of graffiti is made to express anger, resentment against a particular ideology. It could have an aggressive stance.

Spontaneous - Spontaneous graffiti is generally without a particular motive. It crops out of boredom, anger or even mischief.

Artistic - This type of graffiti is made with the singular motive of artistic expression. Complex thoughts are expressed through graffiti. Recognition could be another motive.

Judging whether graffiti is criminal depends on several questions. Do people find it offensive? After answering these questions, we find it easier to ascertain the means of punishment to offenders and ways of graffiti removal.

Prevention of graffiti

* Surveillance cameras
* Identification of graffiti prone areas and recognition of potential offenders
* Organization of neighborhood watch
* Discouraging offenders by inattention and constant cleaning and removal.

Graffiti removal

Graffiti removal is a long and expensive procedure. Pressure cleaning, the most recommended process for graffiti removal is expensive. The machine must be either rented or bought for a good price. Hiring professionals too is pretty expensive. In many cases, pressure cleaning may need to be combined with sandblasting technique.

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