Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Expert Tips for Drawing Your Own Graffiti

Creating graffiti is a fun and worthwhile activity that everyone can do. It is an art of expressing oneself through creative writing or drawing on a wall or surface. The uniqueness of graffiti art is brought about its urban and funky theme. For starters, it would be very frustrating to create your own personalized graffiti. This article will give you some tips on how to draw your own graffiti.

Tip #1
Brainstorm and visualize what you want for your art piece. A great start would be creating a funky design with your name or nickname or any other aliases that you wish. It really takes a lot of time, practice and effort in drawing a sample graffiti on paper.

Tip #2

Customize your artwork by applying solid designs, layers or patterns in accordance with your style and personality. Creating lots of different designs and patterns will further help develop your own sense of style naturally.

Tip #3

Practice makes perfect. Gather all necessary graffiti supplies needed for your graffiti art - set of spray paints, permanent markers, pair of gloves, and an eye protector. Try to incorporate your chosen sketch and draw it in the wall using a permanent marker. Tip #4

Polish your work by adding vibrant and various colors on your art. Try to practice stroke movement techniques and can control before applying paint on the wall. Remember to firmly press the can nozzle and apply gentle strokes while giving color to your art piece.


Graffiti are mostly crafted and painted on sidewalk walls, public places and walls of an abandoned buildings or an establishment. Remember not to vandalize any walls of any private and government places. The art of graffiti does not necessarily imply that you can only create urban and funky designs through walls. Graffiti is created and found almost everywhere - on skateboards, notebooks, cars, stationary, caps, billboards and shirts. You don't have to be a great artist in creating graffiti. It is an art of expressing your uniqueness and creativeness through drawings and lettering.

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